"Pre-Christmas glass of wine" 2010

Once again, family Bonacossa-Werner in Kronberg invited us to participate in their traditional pre-Christmas event on the last weekend in December, together with their friends.


This time, our NGO was supported by a small group of voluntary singers from various parishes in Frankfurt.

We are very grateful that our NGO was given the opportunity to present a micro project once more. For its benefit, a raffle was run.

Part of the children we support in Nigeria attend the “OREM Faith Group of Schools.” There, forms and blackboards were missing. Thanks to the generous donations of this evening, we were able to have forms for three classrooms as well as two blackboards made by a carpenter.

Zusätzliche Lebensmittel
Additional food

Since the carpenter worked for free, there was money left for groceries.

school desks and benches

As another result of this project a new job for the carpenter was created.

This micro project is a wonderful example of how self-sustaining help can work when it is ensured that donations are directed precisely on-site.

Once again, we would like to thank all of the donators and participants.